Shine Rilling

What are some of the necessary shifts for humanity to evolve our way of life and create a thriving peaceful future on planet Earth?

  • Anxiety to Flow State
  • Competition to Collaboration
  • Separation to Community

The Peace Sticks Ceremony combined with Shining Lion Music creates an experience which allows us to embody these 3 energies, and activate an ancient connection to nature, our core, and each other.

What is Peace Sticks? It is a life force activating practice, of throwing and catching sticks, which embodies the energies of Yoga, Chi Gung, Martial Arts, Dance, Music and Ceremony.

We integrate tribal ways of connecting to source: the circle, breath, eyes, prayer, talking sticks, music and love in our hearts to create a chi field and radiate peace in an expanding circle. We give this energy to heal ourselves and the earth.

Magic Invention: Peace Sticks was discovered by Shine and Evan Rilling. One day on hike with their dog in a forest, they picked up sticks and began to throw them back and forth.Since this moment they have shared Peace Sticks with thousands of people, continually learning and evolving the art of playing and the Peace Ceremony.They have shared Peace Sticks in the fields of rehabilitation, team building, cross training, at risk youth, and education.

Shine founded a Center for World Peace in Nicaragua, where together with the local people they hand craft Peace Sticks. Shine also founded School of the PeaceFul Ninja with his son Pako, as a wholistic youth empowerment that weaves teachings from many ancient lineages.

They are currently planning a world tour of Peace Ceremonies and Teacher Trainings. Please connect with at One Love

Workshops & Presentations

  • Peace Sticks World Peace Ceremony

    60 min | Imaginarium

    What is Peace Sticks? It is a life activating, connecting practice, that embodies the energies of Yoga, Chi Gung, Martial Arts, Tribal Dance, Music and community weaving Ceremony.

    Peace Sticks cultivates vibrant health, pure awareness, life force energy, and balanced empathic, peaceful connection between people and all our relations.

    How Do We Play? We use sacred, crafted sticks to throw and catch amongst each other. The first intention is to help the other person and in this way we build trust and clear communication, giving and receiving in balance and harmony. This opens our beings to the flow of nature, bringing our bodies, minds, breath and spirit into a full movement meditation.

    The ceremony taps us into ancient rhythms, creates a powerful group chi field, and connects us to the life force of the planet and universe.

  • Way of the Peaceful Ninja

    30 min | Imaginarium

    How do we focus the energy of the youth in a way that is fun and empowers them to be their most magnificent powerful selves and to use this energy for the betterment of their self, community and planet.

    We draw upon the ancient energy lineages, and indigenous wisdom from around the world allowing children the opportunity to explore their life force in a greater context. Together we create a peace ceremony.

    Peace Sticks a life activating, ninja practice, of throwing and catching sticks, that brings us into a flow state, where our bodies, mind, and breath can play at supernatural levels.

    It is the paradigm shift from competition to collaboration, teaching how to create miracles by helping each other do our best.