Shakti & Solar Sound: Music Empowerment Panel

A phenomenon has recently arisen in the world of transformational music education, combining Womxn’s Empowerment and Men’s Work with Music Production & DJ Education. Respectively titled the “Shakti Sound: Womxn’s Electronic Music Production Immersion” and the “Solar Sound: Men’s Electronic Music Production Immersion”.  These events have taken place in Nevada City, California, scheduled to occur in Costa Rica just prior to Envision festival, and soon expanding to other locations.


Workshops & Presentations

  • Shakti & Solar Sound: Music Empowerment Panel

    120 min | Altar of Spirit

    This panel will bring together music producers from the Lucidity lineup that have taught at these immersions, to discuss their journey as musicians and the dynamics of female/male/non-binary experiences in the music industry and within festival culture. Each teacher will impart music production and DJ wisdom unique to their personal style and experience. Presenters will also showcase music and conclude with Q&A.




    Shakti Sound Artists:

    Solar Sound Artists: