Sam ‘SAMREAN’ Armenta

After a harrowing battle against breast cancer, SAMREAN returns to the stage with their empowering performance, poetic justice, wit and wisdom. With decades of experience and over 20 modalities in the healing arts, they have begun sharing their teachings and guidance through engaging self-improvement workshops in addition to sharing their music with the world. Their songs offer a myriad of representation for the queer, Latine, Indigenous and disabled communities and now SAMREAN aims to assist and support the transformational journey of the soul with workshops such as ‘Societal Deprogramming’ and ‘Sustaining Your Sovereignty’. With songs like ‘Waterfall’ serving as a self-love anthem and engaging the crowd to ‘call in love like a waterfall’, their performances pack a powerful punch that moves people from all walks of life and now their guidance will leave participants with empowering tools to conquer the challenges on their own way to greatness.

Scheduled Workshops

  • Societal Deprogramming

    75 min | The Summit

    The purpose of this workshop is to explore the ways in which society’s conditioning affects our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors, and to provide practical tools for deprogramming ourselves from these influences. Through a combination of lectures, group discussions, and experiential exercises, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how social conditioning operates, and will learn strategies for breaking free from its grip.