Ron Glover

Ron Glover has a BFA (bachelor of fine arts) degree in painting from John Heron Art Institute of IUPUI (Indiana University and Purdue University) and at the point of entry, in 1965, was the only person of color at Heron. He taught printmaking and first year drawing at the University of Massachusetts while pursuing his MFA, but before finishing his degree left the university and briefly immigrated to Canada where he lived in a cabin, in nature (semi) self sustainably, off the land and off the grid. At the young age of 25 he became one of the oldest founding member of the spiritually based Sunburst Community and Farms. While there he embraced the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and, at the same time, oversaw Sunburst’s sea crew and sailing vessels. In 1979, he sailed for eight months throughout the South Pacific with the United Nations, helping establish newly developing countries and doing the initial studies for El Niño. Since returning to Santa Barbara Ron became involved in the early stages of Fishbon (a nonprofit artists collaborative), for which he was co-director for the last 10 years and is now the president, and he is a director of Lucidity Festival and Lucidity LLC.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Visionary Panel: Rites of Passage and Inter-Generational Connection

    120 min | Altar of Spirit

    What role does the rites of passage play in our evolution from cradle to grave? How has the meaning of the “rites of passage” shifted in modern times, and how can we honor the rites of passage in a culture that doesn’t have conscious ritual around the ongoing changes of a person from youth to adulthood and beyond? How do we bridge between youngers and elders to create a strong intergenerational connection rooted in our understandings of individual and collective growth?

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