Romi Elan

Founder and CEO of SoulPlay Festivals and Board Director of Human Awareness Institute (HAI). Romi designs and hosts environments that facilitate profound personal growth, while cultivating a deep sense of community. Romi’s previous experience as a top-tier management consultant (McKinsey & Co), and formal business education (MBA from UC Berkeley-Haas), have granted him the capacity to get things done and deliver value while staying true to his heart. Today, he’s working to create a world where people embrace their true selves, and choose to live, work, and relate with passion and purpose. He also feels compelled to mention that he passionately loves his partner, Noa, and their two children, Gaia and Mai.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Ecstatic Connections

    90 min | Altar of Fire

    Learn the secret to dropping into deep intimate connections with the people around you. Come slow down, breathe, get grounded in our bodies, and in the process, become more connected to one another. During this workshop you will be guided through several exercises to bring you deep into the present with an open heart. From that place of open-heartedness, you will explore nourishing touch and share our loving selves with one another. This workshop is non-sexual, and will include movement, eye-gazing, authentic sharing and nourishing touch.


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