Regenerative Action Panel: Water, Life, and Climate

“In general terms, we need a paradigm shift, valuing the hydrological and climate-cooling effects of vegetation in general and forest in particular, alongside their carbon sequestration potential.”

UN Environment Programme Foresight Brief 025, July 2021

Join us for this regenerative action panel, where we will discuss how the living surface of the Earth directly regulates weather and climate, and what we can do to stop disrupting life and climate, and to begin the healing of Earth and Sky.

Saturday, 12:30-2:00pm, Altar of Earth (entrance to Family Garden)



Workshops & Presentations

  • Regenerative Action Panel: Water, Life, and Climate

    90 min | Altar of Earth


    Timothy Sexauer, Muse Ecology Podcast (


    • Maya Dutta, Biodiversity For a Livable Climate (
    • Brennan Blazer Bird, Peace on Earthbench Movement and Solutioncraft (,
    • Loren Luyendyk, Permaculture Design International and Santa Barbara Organics (,