Co-founder of flowtoys [makers of the world’s favorite LED props] and Fund the Flow Arts [non-profit], Prisna is recognized as the innovator of the modern levitation wand dance. From Switzerland to Singapore, Canada to Costa Rica, she has performed and taught the wand for decades around the world, including dancers at Disneyland and Cirque du Soleil.

Flowtoys makes a variety of high quality short and long string wands, and glow wands to help people find their flow. Prisna also produced Flow-wand Fundamentals, a comprehensive digital and DVD learning resource that has helped thousands of people master the basics of the flow-wand.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Demystifying the flow-wand

    60 min | Flow Zone

    Levitation on the dancefloor? Impossible you say! Oh ye of little faith come forth and learn the secrets of levitating and dancing with a wand or two. Prisna will begin the workshop by sharing the secrets of moving with flow-wand, and progress to techniques of dancing with the wand to those who have perfected the science of levitation. Bring your own wand if you have one. Sample flow-wands will be available.

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