Pleasure Initiatrix

Officially, Jacqueline is a Sex and Body Intimacy Coach. Unofficially she is a pleasure activator and sex magic witch. She believes that sexuality is the key that connects you to your most radiant aliveness, beauty and power and that it’s time for you to unlock it! In her sessions she teaches that all parts of you are worthy of love and the more you embrace and heal your sexual self, the more you are capable of expressing your magnetic authentic self (and making legendary love). Her work focuses on strengthening emotional intelligence by shifting your relationship with stress.

This woman is a deep thinker and who expresses shameless vulnerability and wild expression. Jacqueline practices a unique blend of breath, movement, sound, pleasure, and sensuality using them as tools in her coaching and playshops. She is certified by The Tantric Institute as an expert Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach with a specialization in female sexuality and tantric intimacy. Her days consist of coaching women and couples on healing the sexual stories that hold them back from living the life they truly desire and the sex they deeply crave. With women, she specializes in breaking through sexual hangups and expanding their orgasmic pleasure. With couples, her specialty is working to build a juicy foundation of intimacy and love through tantric based connection practices.

She lives and breathes by the beach in Santa Barbara, California.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Pleasure Playshop - A Tantric Exploration of the Senses

    75 min | Altar of Fire

    Come get a taste of tantra hosted by Sex & Body Intimacy Coach Jacqueline Nora the Pleasure Initiatrix!

    Our bodies are made to experience five senses, each one has a direct connection to pleasure – so let’s get together and feel what we are made for!
    Through neo-tantric based breathwork, movement, and playful exercises we will activate our juicy energy and come together as our authentic selves. These platonic intimacy games are silly, PG and made to push your edges of connection within a safe container.
    This is an opportunity to:
    – let go of mind chatter and be present in your body
    – activate your life-force/shakti energy
    – expand your capacity for pleasure
    – create meaningful connections with new and old friends-
    – learn fun tools to play with at home
    – become fully aware of your body sensations so everything feels delectable
    Come experience this heart-opening playshop with me!