Phoenix Waters

Phoenix Waters is an intimacy facilitator and embodiment coach with the foundation of her work focused on unraveling and reprogramming the Mother Wound. Through the practices of Ritual, Somatic Inquiry and Inner Alchemy, she guides people on an exploration of how exquisite life can be when we give ourselves permission to be as human as possible. An embracer of all that makes us whole; the good, bad, ugly, freaky, ecstatic, shameful and weird, she celebrates the practice of cultivating vulnerability as a means of building connection with others. An avid explorer of the shadow realms, she believes that it is vital for us as humans to make peace with the aspects of ourselves we often deny, if we are ever to become fully healthy, integrated beings. Additionally, having an embodied understanding of our needs, wants and desires, while being able to communicate them clearly and with kindness, is one of the most powerful paths of healing available to us. One of Phoenix’s deepest passions is in building intimate, safe community. She is the founder and curator of The Temple of Artemis in Grass Valley,a sacred community space with events focused on connection, intimacy, communication and ancestral healing.

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Ritual Of Intimacy

    120 min | Altar of Fire

    Building resilient communities through the practice of vulnerability.

    How do we rebuild the village? In this modern age of instant gratification, technology and ‘being busy’, how do we create spaces for us to drop into true intimacy with each other? Spaces where for a period of time at least, we can release the weight of some of the shields we are carrying, knowing that we may need to pick some of them up as we reenter the world. Spaces where we can hold and be held.

    The intention of this Ritual is to open that portal, for ourselves and each other.

    In many ways it seems as though the world is burning right now. If we are to create the changes necessary to turn this ship around, we NEED to be in right relation with each other. Healing begins at home.

    It is time to lean in.

    * This gathering will be a safe and loving sacred container to explore our relationship to vulnerability and how that manifests in our connection to ourselves, each other and the world.

    * You will be invited to embrace and explore your weapons, walls, fears and desires.

    * We will be learning tools to cultivate trust and curiosity towards each other, whilst practicing how to deeply listen to ourselves in the presence of another.

    * We will go slowly.

    The Principles of this Ritual:

    * Connection to self, earth, other.
    * Confidentiality.
    * Consent.
    * Curiosity.
    * Compassion.
    * Truth + Transparency = Trust.

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