Ray lives by the belief that by combining art, design, mechanics and ingenuity to create those things that live around us all by using recycled, repurposed, reused materials both natural and human made. We can build longer lasting and more resilient properties, structures and more following the principals of Permaculture and combining that with his study of Architecture in College. Recently Ray has dedicated his life to re-introducing the beaver to watersheds to bring back fertility that was taken and the 17th and 18th century.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Intro to Ecological Construction 101

    120 min | Imaginarium

    Natural building is easy to learn, inexpensive to build, and lends itself to organic shapes such as curved walls, arches, and niches. Earth homes are cool in summer and warm in winter and maximize the capture of natural sources of energy. Natural building methods don´t contribute to deforestation, pollution or mining nor depend on manufactured materials or power tools.

    In the first steps we will learn where and how to find clay, sand, and straw. We will get our hands and feet connected to the earth as a mixing technique. Simple forms will be created as our intro to 102 class where we will be taught original techniques in building cob. 2021 cob will be legal in most states, so both of these classes could get you started.

  • Intro to Ecological Construction 102

    120 min | Imaginarium

    In the second step, we will build our dream home model. Each student will be given a 16"x 16" plywood board to build their scale model home or playhouse. Plastic windows and wooden scale model doors will be available to create buildings. Passive heating will be taught on south-facing walling. Living roofs will be part of the class because of fires are burning 1,000's of homes a year. Many other techniques will be taught on request.