Paul Parrett

Paul is a classically trained Gardnerian Witch who has been practicing the occult for over 13 years. He has attained the rank of 2nd degree in his southern California coven and specializes in sigil and herbal mysticism. Paul is passionate about empowering individuals to achieve their dreams and what they want out of life. As an instructor and teacher he has trained children and adults in a variety of skills including practical wilderness survival, self defense, magick, and a variety of anthropological topics. As a scholar, Paul studies the use of herbs as medicine and practices of magickal and spiritual healing from around the globe. He seeks to synthesize his cultural familiarity and understanding of different world views to create empowering, meaningful, and successful magickal workings.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Teenage empowerment through the Magick of sigils and incense.

    75 min | Teen Wonderland

    This workshop teaches the fundamentals of sigil work and the creation of magickal incense. A sigil is the symbolic representation of a person’s desires and is created through the distilling of sentences into letters and then into pictorial representation. Participants will be guided through the process of creating a personal empowerment sigil that reflects their desires and expression of self. A brief introduction to the energetic and mystical properties of certain herbs will then be explained and communal incense will be created using the participatory power of a group working, chanting, and intent. Participants will be able to take home a personal sigil, a burnable version of this sigil and a helping of the communal incense.

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