Paige Rosenberg

Paige graduated from UC Berkeley in Fall 2018 with degrees in 1) Society and Environment and 2) Media Studies and works at an Environmental Marketing Firm in Oakland. One of her passions is improving folks’ relationship with our planet through media to create positive environmental change. She has learned through her academics and work experiences the past 4.5 years how to appropriately speak about environmental issues while acknowledging all stakeholders—especially marginalized voices—and the most effective means of creating and delivering that media message. Paige founded Wormhole Cares (an entity of Wormhole Entertainment) in March 2018, which provides a harm reduction booth/safe space and educational signs at music events in the SF Bay Area where she educates and mitigates on consent, harm reduction, and inclusion; being in the Berkeley Student Cooperative for 3.5 years has prepared her to be well-educated on these topics by attending workshops for each focus every semester, which has built her passion for the current work she does. Paige is grateful to have taught workshops on the 3 focuses of Wormhole Cares and how to use media for effective social change. She has a unique appreciation for life that started at a young age after miraculously surviving the deadliest type of pediatric cancer and a rare neurological disorder that affects 1 in 10 million; this is why she has devoted her life to improving the health of our planet and those who live on it.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Media: Important Truths Everyone Should Know and Utilizing it for Social Change

    60 min | Altar of Air

    We all use and are affected by media (written texts and visual images), so it is important we understand its negative and positive aspects. This workshop will begin with discussing imperative truths about media through its: power, biases, harm - psychologically and socially, and surveillance. Positive aspects of media will then be discussed: 1) in connecting people from all over the world and increased sharing of ideas, information, and visibility of the average person (whereas before, only certain people and entities had visibility and reach) and 2) due to the high accessibility of media in reaching people, media is a powerful tool to share messages to manifest grassroots activism and social change. The workshop will conclude with a discussion of tools and practices to equip attendees to create social change through media.

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