Nyrus & Gecolea

Samantha David (Gecolea) is a Santa Barbara-based yoga teacher and dancer. After leaving the U.S. to study in India, she returned equipped with an extensive knowledge of ayurvedic massage and yoga. She has brought that same love back to her community and continues to teach often, hosting classes and doing healing work around town.

Colin Rogers (Nyrus) is a Santa Barbara-based music producer and DJ. After studying music for many years and even going to Asia to further his understanding of sound healing and meditation, he returned to the United States with a renewed passion for the sonic arts. He has worked in multiple yoga studios to bring a curated live sound to different classes.

Together, the two unite the worlds of sound and flow, and Nyrus and Gecolea come together to provide a space for movement and healing.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Nyrus and Gecolea - Healing Through Music and Yoga

    60 min | PureEnergy.Love (Altar of Water)

    Samantha David (Gecolea) is a yoga instructor with worldwide experience, most recently returning from a trip to northern India, where she further tapped into the eternal spirit of yoga and ayurveda. Uniting with Nyrus, Santa Barbara-based tribal bass music producer and DJ, the two have put together a space for flow, movement and healing that will awaken the elements and restore inner harmony.

    Samantha David (Gecolea) will be teaching an all-levels yoga class featuring live electronic tribal music by Nyrus. This will be an energizing vinyasa flow that finishes with grounding sound healing.

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