Nicky Lafleur

Nicky LaFleur has been a part of Lucidity since its inception, when she taught a Gentle Movement Qigong class under the rain at Live Oak in 2012. It was all it took for her to want to completely immerse herself in the magical process of festival co-creation. Since then she has contributed in lots of ways with Lucidity, from Healing Sanctuary Elder to Fabrication and Installation Department Head.

Embracing those various roles while maintaining a thriving massage practice has allowed her to hone her skills life-work balance and in supporting the growth and development of others, both professionally and personally. She is passionate about helping people perform highly demanding activities, while maintaining optimal health both physically and emotionally .

She recently completed a Performance Coaching Diploma with the Coaching Academy based in London. This training has given her an even deeper understanding of Human Development and the tools to truly empower people to pursue their greatest dreams and fulfill their potential.


Scheduled Workshops

  • Your Ultimate Lucid Activation

    75 min | The Summit

    Combining qigong movements and techniques from over three thousand years ago with the latest personal performance coaching tools, Nicky Lafleur will guide you through a process designed to help you identify your big dreams – whether it is start a new art project, a new business, or change the way you interact with your peers, raise your confidence, or let go of something that is not longer serving you and more!

    Together we will look at what your goals mean to you: why are they important to you, how will achieving them change your life, and how and when you will reach them. You will learn the basics of the coaching journey and how it differs from other helping modalities.

    Be prepared to take notes, learn a lot about yourself, and be activated to make things happen!