Nathan ‘Santi’ Lou & Alicia Lou

Nathan and Alicia Lou are the founders of Mongol Tribe Inc., a non-profit organization in California bridging holistic health and wellness with civic ecology. Their mission is to bring awareness about regenerative philosophies and sustainable practices, empowering others to live a natural, eco-conscious life.

Nathan is a San Diego native with an educational background in Agriculture, Natural Resource Management, and Fish and Wildlife Conservation. He actively participates in solution oriented engagements that create social change. Nathan currently sits on the board of directors for Slow Food Urban San Diego as the Food Justice Co-chair, encouraging access to good, clean, and fair food for under-served, under-represented communities. As the Executive Director of Mongol Tribe, a community development and capacity building organization, Nathan provides administrative direction of programs, education, and operational oversight. His emphasis focuses on regenerative agriculture, sustainable living, and natural law/time.

Alicia is a Holistic Health Practitioner with 13 years of experience working as a massage therapist. She has a vibrant personality and a passion for empowering others. As the Wellness Director for Mongol Tribe, Alicia seeks to educate about being sustainable eco-minded individuals while assisting them in co-facilitating their healing process. Her emphasis focuses on human development, meditation, natural herbs, and nutrition. Alicia currently offers her services at the Willows Spa located on the Viejas Reservation in Alpine, CA. Alicia and Nathan have been happily married for six years and have two wonderful children, Elisha (5) and Phoibe (3), whom are their pride and joy.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Seed Sovereignty: How to Save Seeds, Organize Seed Swaps, and Develop Seed Libraries

    60 min | Altar of Earth

    Food is supposed to provide us healing nourishment. Unfortunately, most of the food produced these days is covered in toxic herbicides and pesticides, harming human and ecologic health. It is up to us to take back control of our health and wellness through food and medicine sovereignty. Join us as we embark on the critical journey to realistic solutions for regenerative change. Nathan will discuss how and why it is important to save seeds, providing key insights in how to access heirloom seeds, find spaces to grow, and address social change through food justice. We will learn about tools and mechanisms by which we can empower ourselves and our communities to attain food sovereignty.

  • Elimination Communication: A Conversation with Parents about Infant Potty Training

    60 min | Imaginarium

    Single-use diapers are one of the worst environmental and socioeconomic impacts that parents face in the 20th century. In an ever-growing revolution around eco-conscious living, it is of critical importance to address this fundamental child-rearing role. Diapers have become a crutch, enabling our fast-paced lifestyles and disconnecting children from their biological self-awareness. From timing and tools, to sign-language and cloth diapers, Alicia and Nathan will discuss their experiences around potty training their two kids (boy and girl) using elimination communication. This workshop is designed to empower both parents and children in the dynamic, holistic journey of child-rearing. Join us for this enriching discussion about a traditional alternative to modern dependency.

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