Nathan “Ryujyn” Lou

Nathan is a creative visionary, father, entrepreneur, artist, forester, and shepherd born and raised in San Diego, CA. He has a passion for agroforestry, community ecology, and ecological restoration. Nathan is the founder and executive director of Mongol Tribe, a community and capacity building 501c3 focused on bridging health and wellness with civic ecology. Mongol Tribe’s pillars emphasize co-operative development, regenerative land care practices, and education. In his work at Mongol Tribe, Nathan has been able to support the advancement of local resiliency in his community, elevating projects such as seed libraries, community gardens, food forests, and regenerative grazing. His work takes him to the majestic mountains of eastern San Diego, where he is focused on implementing Traditional Ecological Knowledge as a tool for restoring forest health. Nathan embodies the spirit of Ryujin, the Japanese dragon king that is the keeper of the tide jewels, the pearls of legend that can raise and lower the tides.

Nathan has an active practice in natural time and Mayan astrology, living by the 13-moon calendar and harmonizing his rhythms with the tides and seasons. His ancestry is composed of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Sri Lankan, Indian, Bengali, Peruvian, and Northern European. Nathan is a Taoist practitioner that invokes Quan Yin and the cultivation of compassion. Nathan also practices ancestral animistic traditions carrying the medicine of bear, rattlesnake, salmon, sheep, and whale.

Scheduled Workshops

  • Mayan Astrology, Interpreting the 13-Moon Dreamspell Calendar

    60 min | Ceremonial Fire & Drum Circle

    The 13-moon calendar is the original time keeping tool for living in harmony with the seasons. Through cultivating a relationship with natural time, we are able to live in balance with the rhythms of the universe. In this workshop, you will learn about the 20 day signs and 13 tones of the Mayan dreamspell, how to interpret the 260-day Tzolkin and utilize this technology in your daily life. Each of us embodies an individual character that resides within a 13-day wavespell. Each wavespell helps us to understand our life path. This is an incredible tool for empowering us to better understand ourselves as well as our relationships. In lak’ech, ‘I am you, and you are me.’

  • Wooden Spoon Carving

    90 min | Fairies’ Hollow

    Wooden spoon carving is a mindful, meditative practice that results in the creation of something beautiful and functional. Whittling and chip carving is the most fundamental practice used in the creation of kitchen tools. Come experience the process of working from fresh log to functional utensil. In this workshop, you will learn about the tools and techniques needed to carve your own spoon and touch into the potential for larger projects. This is a demonstration that will inspire you to begin your own journey into the world of woodworking.

  • Oak Woodlands as Indigenous Food Forests

    60 min | Fairies’ Hollow

    Oak woodlands are an integral ecosystem for indigenous food sovereignty. In Southern California, oaks are facing numerous threats that are impacting the overall health of the forest. From beetles and drought to fungal infections, oak woodlands are struggling to maintain their foothold. Leading experts have failed to acknowledge their cultural relationship to indigenous care and their ecological dependency on fire, but this is changing. Come learn about the state of the oak woodlands and how Traditional Ecological Knowledge is being used to restore the resilience of these majestic forests.