Naia Riley

Naia Riley is an ordained Priestess and Ceremonialist, workshop facilitator, dance ritualist, and motivational speaker. As a long-time devotee of the Egyptian Mystery Arts, Naia practices alchemy and sacred energy work to create ancient rituals of the future. These ceremonies are designed to activate inner knowledge, awaken intuition, and make magic in everyday life.

Naia has trained extensively to offer embodiment practices that facilitate transformation of the mind, body, and spirit. She fuses traditional and spiritual modalities by combining her collegiate education with her spiritual coursework. Naia received her Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Medical Nutrition Science and is licensed as a Registered Dietitian. She studied under Master Movement Director and Priestess Anandha Ray, MA, DTR, and is empowered to teach Shamanic Ritual Dance. She was legally ordained in October, 2018 after completing a 13 month Egyptian Priestess Training. Naia is passionate about sharing Shamanic Dance, Egyptian Alchemy, and her knowledge of the human body to create workshops and classes that bring spirituality into a tangible, embodied form.
Due to her unique personal interests, Naia pursued additional training in sexuality, meditation, mindfulness, and communication courses. Naia has worked intimately with Certified Sex Therapist Debi Briesacher, LMFT to expand her knowledge of sex and intimacy work. She has facilitated numerous workshops on sacred sexuality, consent and communication skills, and recovery after sexual assault. Naia’s deepest calling is to bring intention and mindfulness to every aspect of life because she believes that ceremony is in every moment.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Intimacy Alchemy and Sacred Sexual Artistry

    90 min | Altar of Fire

    Embrace the ecstatic nature of your sexuality and discover the art of Intimacy Alchemy! In this tantric playshop, we will explore the power of breath, sound, and movement as a modality for energy activation. Do you feel it? The energy swirling and shifting inside of you, asking to rise up?
    Sexual turn-on is a powerful sensation that can provide much more than physical release. Rewrite your belief systems and shed feelings of shame, awaken to a new archetype of sexual expression, manifest your heart's desires, and align your energy centers through the framework of Sacred Sexual Artistry.

    In this intimate experience, we will be breaking down the taboos on sex to reclaim sacred sensuality and erotic innocence. Play connection games and learn new embodiment practices to activate kundalini energy, embrace your unique sexuality, and connect authentically to yourself and others.

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