Ms. Emily May

Sacred Sprout is an organization that aims to foster youth connection to nature. We hope to achieve this through movement, scientific inquiry, and guided field exploration. Their guide, Emily May, has earned a B.S. in Science Education, focused in Earth Science and Biology, and a minor in Sustainability Studies. She is also currently graduating with a Masters in Education and teaching credential from UC Santa Cruz. She has been working with children for over 12 years and is passionate about inspiring healthy relationships with our dynamic and ever changing Earth. This interactive workshop will offer students of all ages opportunities to show their appreciation for Mother Earth. Students will explore a variety of natural science activities such as planting seeds. The workshop will end with an optional local ecology hike. Students will receive a science notebook and sustainable drawing materials to help facilitating the discovery of our sacred connection to Earth. Adult companionship is required for children 5 years old and younger. Permission slip required and must be submitted by adult for youth to participate in an ecology hike independently. If your child does plan on participating in the hike please be sure they’re hydrated, have proper skin protection, and have sturdy footwear for the hike up to the Stargazer Campsite and back. A detailed agenda with exact timeframes will be distributed to adults at the beginning of our workshop. We look forward to connecting with everyone and sharing this grounding experience with you and your Sacred Sprout.

Scheduled Workshops

  • Sacred Sprout Nature Exploration and Hike

    60 min | Fairies’ Hollow

    This workshop will be offered in the format of three different workstations each led by a skilled and trained instructor.
    – The first station will be focused on Botany. This station will have coloring pages, seed planting while supplies last, and a free sticky paper plant mandala craft set with instructions. The second station will be focused on exploring geology. It will include an interactive rock categorizing activity, magnifying glasses, and students will receive their own home-grown borax gem stones. Our final station will be set up with taxidermy, pelts, animal skeletons and bones, as well as a nature library that children can read during the workshop. After our activities go on for 30-45 minutes we will begin organizing to go on our 40 minute hike. Specific procedures and protocols will be written up for hiking activity.

  • Sacred Sprout Physical Education Nature Games

    60 min | Fairies’ Hollow

    A movement focused workshop that offers kid friendly nature themed movement games. This workshop will be less structured than the first Sacred Sprout science-activity based workshop. Dramatic play, singing, using our instinctual senses, and considering life cycles and evolution will be some of the themes ingrained in our various games. Some examples of games are listed below:
    – Extreme Sharks and Minnows (includes kelp forests, otters, and sea urchins to highlight interactions between organisms in an ecosystem)
    – Evolution Tag (students Rock Paper Scissors to decide on who evolves to the next order of species)
    – Mandala art with collected natural materials (pinecones, stones, rocks, leaves, flowers, sticks)
    Children will play 5 games in 20 minute intervals and are invited to stay for any amount of time that feels appropriate for them.