Mitsuko Conner Newlan has been teaching Kundalini Yoga in Santa Barbara since her 2011 KRI Level 1 Teacher Training Graduation with Siddhi Ellinghoven and GuruMeher Khalsa.

She is also a Certified Gong Yoga Nidra Practitioner through Mehtab Benton.

In 2021, she became KRI Level 2 Certified with Tara Matthews, Mehtab Benton, Krishna Kaur, Dr. Haridass Kaur Khalsa, GuruMeher Khalsa, Intuitive Vinyasa Flow Certified with Rachel Wilkins and Prenatal Yoga Certified with Lucia Seglie.

Mitsuko teaches public classes everyday and can be found either at her outdoor park classes or can be found teaching in one of the several local studios: Yoga Soup, Sol Seek Yoga, and Santa Barbara Yoga Center.

The Santa Barbara Independent, an alternative weekly distributed local newspaper, recently recognized Mitsuko in their January 27, 2022 article, “Three Approaches to Yoga for Self-Care in Santa Barbara,” by Charles Donelan.

Mitsuko is a mother of 5, and when she is not teaching yoga and spending time with her children, she enjoys putting on fishnets and a corset to dance with the La Boheme Dance Troup, eating fine food and being boisterous with her close friends, getting a good throttling while surfing, avidly reading audio books, getting pumped on discovering new music, exuberantly connecting with old and new friends, traveling to near and distant lands, treading the known and unknown path, and taking moments to reflect on where she came from, where she is now, and where she is aiming to be in the near and distant future.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Kundalini Yoga, Deep Meditation & Gong Bath - Opportunity & Green Energy Set

    90 min | Water Flow (Movement Lab)

    What is Kundalini Yoga?

    There is breathwork, repetitive movement, chanting, meditation, relaxation, self-exploration, immune system building, nervous system strengthening, brain re-wiring, amongst other amazing benefits and outcomes that arise out of this experiential practice.

    Come together in community and explore and expand your self-awareness.

    This is a practice like no other.

    Bring an open mind and find out where this yogic journey will take you.