Mitra Cline

Mitra Cline is an interdisciplinary artist inspired by alchemy, psychology, dreams, and world culture. Because her home burned in a California wildfire, her creative methods are harmonious with migratory living. The work aims to be both beautiful and inspire the viewer to appreciate the present. Her art is about change and transformation.

“I am developing my unique path and creative life, which includes my studio art practice, teaching, public art activates and commercial design projects. As a conceptual artist I create mixed media images inspired by life experience and observation. My art speaks to people, living in a global cultural, who seek their own psychic wisdom. My images emerge out of an autobiographical digital collage process and invite a journey of Self discovery. My intent is to create doorways into the unconscious mind and itís psychic energy.” – Mitra Cline

She hold an MA in Humanities with an emphasis in Archetypal Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and BFA with an emphasis in painting from the Kansas City Art Institute. She is founder of Foreverbird Studio, and works as a digital media consultant.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Body & Mural Painting

    120 min | Dome of the Space Wanderer

    We’ll be exploring paint on the body or on the canvas as we get ready for the Family Garden Parade that takes place at 1:11pm on Sunday. This funnery is geared for kiddos, families, and anyone wanting to bring their imagination to life.