Misha Bonaventura & Romi Elan

Misha Bonaventura is the lead of Consent & Safety at SoulPlay Festival and has worked to bring consent culture to festival and party environments since 2015. As the founder of Clearing Conversations, Misha Bonaventura supports and facilitates tough conversations between people. The foundation of her work is built upon one of the most important parts of any ongoing relationship: trust. By teaching the complexity of human interaction through emotional intelligence, nervous system reactions, word choices, defense mechanisms, body language, and neurodiversity she supports others in having fulfilling interactions and communicating what they intend. Misha received a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from George Washington University and continued her education in Non-Violent Communication, The Coaches Training Institute, Davis Dyslexia Correction Program, and Luminous Body Institute. In the past, she’s loved coaching new performers in creating and telling their vulnerable and raw stories on stage.

Founder and CEO of SoulPlay Festivals and Board Director of Human Awareness Institute (HAI). Romi Elan designs and hosts environments that facilitate profound personal growth, while cultivating a deep sense of community. Romi’s previous experience as a top-tier management consultant (McKinsey & Co), and formal business education (MBA from UC Berkeley-Haas), have granted him the capacity to get things done and deliver value while staying true to his heart. Today, he’s working to create a world where people embrace their true selves, and choose to live, work, and relate with passion and purpose. He also feels compelled to mention that he passionately loves his partner, Noa, and their two children, Gaia and Mai.

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Soulful Guide to Playful Times

    90 min | Altar of Fire

    This workshop is your deeper dive into how to have awesome, fun, connective playful times at festivals. This will include everything from finding your “Fuck Yeah!” to noticing your maybes and owning your no. How to clean up when you’ve messed up and offer a supportive ear when someone needs some extra tender lovin’ care. This is great for newbies, people navigating relationships in festivalandia, and those singles that want to meet and connect but aren’t quite sure how.

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