Michael Ravenwood

Michael Ravenwood was born in Tokyo, Japan, and moved to the Philippines & Singapore before coming to live in America. Over 30 years ago, he began studying Martial Arts and has trained in numerous styles including Karate, Ninjutsu, Kung Fu & Tai Chi. It was at that time that he also began practicing Meditation, and he has since studied Qi Gong in addition to Tibetan & Yogic methods of cultivating awareness. 20 years ago, he acquired a degree in Psychology with Honors while also taking courses in Quantum Physics, Mind-Body Medicine & Cross-Cultural Spirituality. 10 years ago, Michael began to blend his Yoga & Martial training with a passion for Dance through Fire Performance.

Since then, he has become an International Cirque Performer, Dance & Meditation Instructor, Event Producer & Business Owner. As CEO & Creative Director of his performing arts company SkyFire Arts, Michael writes Storytelling pieces that convey life affirming inspiration with pointed humor. As its Lead Performer, he uses a high voltage protective suit to wield 10 foot arcs of electricity from a massive Tesla coil. He has been teaching Dance & Meditation at Festivals, Cirque Schools, Dance Studios, and Privately for the last 8 years. Michael became a certified Firewalking Instructor in 2017, and he is qualified to teach a host of breakthrough empowerment exercises which enhance life experience & improve performance. In 2019, he offered an hour-long presentation for Talks at Google at their LA HQ.


Scheduled Workshops

  • SkyFire Academy's Flow Arts: Phase 1

    90 min | Movement Lab

    Countless scientific studies have now affirmed our ability to attain optimal states of health & wellness through techniques first developed in ancient cultures. While myriad, these systems all increase our capacity to use the Mind-Body Connection​ AKA “The Power Within”. This workshop teaches practices such as Breath~work, Visualization, Meditation & Double Staff Flow to increase energy, cultivate focus & achieve harmony. Between the practices, the content features perspectives based on the correlations between wisdom traditions & modern science, giving students the opportunity to lead a life filled with gratitude & grace. Essentially, The Power Within teaches how to access the infinite creative energy of life itself by connecting with our inner sense of inspiration, imagination & truth.