Maya Zuckerman

Maya is a Social Entrepreneur, futurist, Culture Hacker and emerging technology aficionado who applies the power of narrative, technology, and regenerative design to world-changing ideas.

She works at the intersection of technology, culture change and clean tech.

In her startup career, Maya has worked and consulted with over 30 startups in the past few years, including as VP of Ops / Product and COO for 2 social ventures.

Maya is also the co-chair of the IEEE Ethically Aligned Design Outreach committee – focusing on Ethics in AI/AS.

She is also a SciFi writer working on her first trilogy, Em’s Theory.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Visionary Panel: Collaboration for a Regenerative Future

    120 min | Altar of Spirit

    With this panel we explore the bases of collaborative collective action, and what it can offer in this time of global transformation. What do we mean by regenerative, and why is it important to think of regeneration as a collaborative effort? What are some of the best practices of collaborative projects? What are roadblocks to collaboration and potential strategies for moving beyond them to achieve a cooperative culture? How might collaborating for a regenerative future look different in the city versus in the country, and are there ways to better connect urban and rural communities? What kind of future do we envision is possible for the local and global community, and what is it going to take to get there together?

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