Maya Zuckerman

Maya is a Regenerative Entrepreneur, organizational operations executive and emerging technology aficionado working on groundbreaking technologies and ideas.

Her career has spanned tech startups, cleantech, regenerative design, film, video games and multi-platform projects. In the past few years, she was employee #2 VP of Ops and Products for LifeGuides, founded with the goal of reducing human struggle and suffering. COO of VEME and Karavan – collective narrative apps and COO of, a consulting firm that empowers teams with new capacities of Leadership, Collaborative and Creation skills.

Her most recent position is Leading Tech and People Ops with which is building a better web, through a distributed cloud hosting marketplace for P2P applications.

She is currently perusing her MBA in Innovation, Enterprise and Circular Economy through the University of Bradford, in the UK. She is also a RSA fellow and a Solar Punk pre-published author.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Regenerative Futures: Writing the Origin story of our thriving future

    120 min | Altar of Spirit

    Call for co-creation of our future:

    Lucidity is creating a web of origin stories of the future.
    Through the years of creating the Collective Mythos, Lucidity is aiming to foster the future we all want to live in.

    In this event we are calling on futurist, regenerators, storytellers and myth weavers to come and tell the origin story of the future we want to live in.

    Every great mythology has an origin story, the story that started it all.
    How about we create the origin story of the future we would like to live in instead fighting the dystopian futures that have been foretold by mass media ?

    Regeneration is an act of Rebellion – so let’s create the future we want to live in – together!

  • The Regenerative Entrepreneur / Leader

    90 min | Altar of Spirit

    To build a thriving and regenerative future, we cannot approach the solutions in the same manner in which the tech boom and the industrial revolution happened.
    We need a new model of leadership. We need Regenerative Entrepreneurs and Leaders.
    They will need to lead by example and practice new ways of running businesses that are aligned with the planet.
    We need a new form of Solutionaries asking the right and hard questions.
    Not only of how mitigate the climate crisis before it’s too late but also “What does a beautiful and thriving future look like, and how do we build it as fast as possible without leaving anyone behind?
    In this workshop, Maya will go through her model of the Regenerative Entrepreneurs and Leader and coach from her experience running startups as Chief Operations Officer and consulting with larger organizations and enterprise.