Matthew Nelson

Grounded in awareness, connectivity, and flow, Matthew Nelson takes an ecstatic and scholarly approach to being at home in our intelligent, spiritual, and sexual bodies. Matthew brings over 20 years experience on his path as an artist and therapist, achieving qualifications that include an MFA in Modern Dance, and certifications in Laban Movement Analysis, Massage, and Pilates. He breathes embodiment as ground zero for the critical realization that we are living systems, made up of living systems, and participating in living systems. His presence is compassionate, his spirit playful, and he is forever curious.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Euphoric Contact Dance

    90 min | Movement Lab

    Dancing is powerful tribal medicine for our bodies and spirits, especially when our critical minds get out of the way. Supported by the mantra “you’re doing it right,” this play-shop will calm your mind, honor your boundaries, and invite you to expand your edges in contact with others. Our bodies bring intrinsic intelligence to grooving together: Staying ourselves while creating a larger whole, we’ll call in the freedom that’s always available, and that takes each other to fully realize.


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