Marco and Nala

Through Marco’s expertise in esoteric yoga and pranayama, and Nala’s background in tantric massage for women and embodied wisdom, they have created a bridge between the two that meets in the heart. Together, they support the Divine Feminine unraveling with powerful yogic tools alongside embodiment massage rituals, and sensual blossoming sessions that honor the divinity of the body. They are passionate about providing a holistic version of Tantra that honors the full depth of the path, and helps us to awaken non-dual wisdom and integrate it into daily life.

Otherwise, they can be found singing kirtan, ecstatic dancing, playing with Mother Nature, cooking, and creating music.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Communing with the 6 Great Goddesses

    90 min | Altar of Fire

    In this workshop we will explore how communing with 6 main archetypes of the Goddess can help us to come into balance, awaken to our innate spiritual wholeness, and become living embodiments of the Divine. Through meditation, mantra, ritual offerings, satsang, and a tantric ecstatic dance we will engage in a direct relationship with our innermost selves, and open our hearts together as a prayer for humanity.