Lucid Dreaming Panel Discussion

This panel’s moderator, Jonah Gabriel Haas, is the Marketing Director and a Co Founder of Lucidity Festival and is a lifelong lucid dreamer. He’s led workshops, facilitated panels, and hosted dreaming immersions over the last 10 years at Lucidity and beyond. He is also trained as a Cultural Anthropologist and brings this perspective with him in his toolkit when working with people and their dreams.

Additional Panelists:

Erik Casano isthe founder of Aquarian Alchemy and specializes in Conscious Connected breathing, trauma release, creative visualization, ice bath and sauna therapy.

Richard Hilton, AKA Beholder Sphere, is a visual artist and filmmaker. He produced a 12 minute documentary film on Lucid Dreaming called: Explorers of the Lucid Dream World, and he studies and presents information on how to have more vivid, meaningful and lucid dreams.

Sanj created Binaural Dream to explore how psychoacoustics and music can be used to help us relax, recharge and heal.

Gwendolyn Alley is a college writing professor, freelance journalist, Slow Wine Guide field representative, and wine blogger .

Scheduled Workshops

  • Lucid Dreaming for The Great Synthesis

    90 min | The Summit

    This panel discussion will explore Lucid Dreaming as a valuable practice for this unique time in our species’ history. We are in the midst of a Great Synthesis– of thought, of culture, of beliefs and ways of being. What does Lucid Dreaming have for us as we navigate this immense coming together? Our panelists will first situate lucid dreaming by offering the methods and tools they utilize to help them engage in a meaningful practice. Then we will explore a philosophical discussion about why Lucid Dreaming is an important practice in this time.