Laura Dawn

Laura Dawn is a Shamanic business and life coach, spiritual councilor, published author, speaker and entrepreneur.

She grew her first online brand to over 1.5 Million people, spreading positivity around the world, created a 6-figure retreat business and built a Volcanic Hot Spring Retreat Center, from scratch on the big Island of Hawaii.

She now dedicates her life to teaching people how to embody the Visionary archetype and tap into the Frequency of Greatness to step into Divine Alignment with your Spirit’s calling so you can start living your definition of success.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Chaos as the Perfect Catalyst for Change

    75 min | Altar of Spirit

    Everywhere we look, people are getting worked by life. When things seem to “fall apart” in our lives, instead of relating to it as a catastrophe, it’s actually a sign that the old way of being is no longer a resonant match with the future reality we’re truly ready to manifest.

    In this workshop, Laura Dawn radically shifts the perception around these rapid times of chaotic change as the perfect opportunity for us to become more closely aligned with the highest vision we hold in our lives.

    The true nature of reality is that everything is pure energy, constantly changing and it’s not as fixed or solid as it appears to be. When we learn how to find stable “ground” within ourselves rather than the world around us, rather than get tossed around by life, we can learn how to tap into this infinite energy always at our disposal to catch the most epic wave of our lives.

  • Visionary Panel: Spirituality and Regenerative Economics

    120 min | Altar of Spirit

    Many of those who pursue their spirituality find themselves restricted by social superstructures that demand cash flow. In what ways can we move beyond this limitation to pursue our passions and inner calling while still attaining fiscal abundance? How can we cultivate adaptive systems that will better allow us to integrate into mainstream society, even as business owners, and transform our culture from within? What is the role of technology in this? How can we leverage it to build a cooperative and flourishing culture for all, while still generating personal revenue? How can millennials, in particular, find ways to bridge the spiritual and economic divide and create a future that is both transformational and offers financial security?

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