Kelly Shelton

Kelly is a 500 Hour RYT. She found the bliss of yoga while pursuing here careers in Personal training, NCAA Division Rowing and competing in National Strongman Competitions. Kelly brings powerful and gorgeous yoga flows to the mat providing a beautiful journey for her participants to immerse in strength, grace and ease. She is a master in intertwining her music selection and yoga journey creating a woven fabric of color.

Scheduled Workshops

  • Birds Of Paradise feat. WHOOPSY

    60 min | Movement Lab

    Kelly and Davey are a dynamic duo bringing you an amazing immersion of beautiful yoga to stunning music that will take you on a vinyasa flow journey feathered with elegance and grace. Kelly will take you through sequences that string together some of our favorite bird asanas: eagle, pigeon, crow, and of course, bird of paradise. All of this while DJ WHOOPSY takes you on a musical flight.