Julian Reyes (KEYFRAME)

Julian’s professional experience reflects a lifelong dialogue with Design, 3D animation, Electronic Dance Music, Festival Culture, and Technology. He has worked for notable corporate companies, and has co-produced far-ranging work in Transformational culture as Artist Manager, Event Producer, Strategist, and Creative Director… Julian is the Executive Producer of Andrew Johner’s “Electronic Awakening” (and managed its worldwide screening campaign of over 160 venues), “The Bloom Series” Episode 3, and Jamaica Steven’s “ReInhabiting the Village” community-book project.

Most recently, Julian has been mentoring tech start-ups, investing in VR, and is the Executive Producer of “Con Te Damanhur”, a Virtual 360° experience of Damanhur by Fifer Garbesi.

Julian also enjoys DJing PsyChill and has performed at Ozora Festival in Hungary, many underground venues in SF, and the Opulent Chill Burning Man camp + many others.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Visionary Panel: Spirituality and Regenerative Economics

    120 min | Altar of Spirit

    Many of those who pursue their spirituality find themselves restricted by social superstructures that demand cash flow. In what ways can we move beyond this limitation to pursue our passions and inner calling while still attaining fiscal abundance? How can we cultivate adaptive systems that will better allow us to integrate into mainstream society, even as business owners, and transform our culture from within? What is the role of technology in this? How can we leverage it to build a cooperative and flourishing culture for all, while still generating personal revenue? How can millennials, in particular, find ways to bridge the spiritual and economic divide and create a future that is both transformational and offers financial security?

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