Julia Schindler

Julia Schindler, is French-American, born in LA and graduated with a master’s degree in development and agricultural sciences in France. Since as long as she can remember, she has always wanted to do something for the environment, and found her path when she discovered permaculture! Permaculture is a holistic system’s approach to creating societies by design that work with rather than against nature. Its ethics are rooted in traditional tribal cultures of the world.

Since then she has been deepening her understanding of permaculture by traveling around the world (Australia, France, Germany, USA, Cuba, India…) working on organic farms through wwoofing, landscaping companies, working for non-profits as an activist and training as a teacher with the permaculture pioneers (David Holmgren, Robyn Francis, Rosemary Morrow, Daren Doherty, Starhawk…). She has gained extensive knowledge in subjects as varied as agro-ecological farming, personal development, horizontal  management, alternative economies, democratic systems, folk dancing, natural contraception, women spirituality, yoga… and always eager for more!

Her passion is to make people not only learn but experience permaculture through not only their minds but also their bodies and emotions by playing games, and inspire them to have fun while saving the world! Raised with a multi-cultural background, she loves traveling the world exploring new cultures and sharing knowledge by giving workshops wherever she goes.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Fun hands-on composting workshop

    120 min | Lucid University Learning Piazza

    Understand the basics of composting and how to start right now in your home!
    We will focus on the back yard gardener, but will also have insights on worm composting that you can have in an apartment and as well as "humanure" composting!

    Workshop includes :
    - Why compost?
    - Insight in understanding healthy soil
    - Hands-on activity (it's more fun when you get your hands dirty!)
    - Different types of composting techniques (garden, wormcompost, hot compost...)
    - Specifics for Californian climate
    - What is the composting method adapted to your situation and use

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