Joshua Alvord

Joshua Alvord is a human being dedicated to the stewardship of a healthy and thriving planet.  The majority of Joshua’s time and energy is focused on regenerative community development. He founded a nonprofit organization in 2012 called Local Earth. The primary focus of the organization is to develop a global network of educational ecovillages.  The 1st phase of the Local Earth Village is currently being developed outside of San Diego near Valley Center. Phase I is focused on a prototype Living Cluster for 12 people and will be completed by the beginning of 2020. The team is currently beginning plans for Phase II which will begin in 2020. Phase II will be a village of approximately 150 people located on a larger property.  The location of the Phase II village is still being determined and the core team is currently being developed. See website for more information on the village blueprint.  Local Earth also provides environmental education via the Ecological Lifestyle Immersion, Local Earth Discussion Series and Earth Stewardship Alliance. Joshua is a joyful and passionate being driven by purpose and love to create healthy communities for all!

Workshops & Presentations

  • EcoVillage Co-Creation Playshop

    105 min | Lucid University Learning Piazza

    We warmly welcome you to join us for the CommUnity Connection & Co-Creation Playshop! Together we will the explore the intimacy of our connection with mother earth, ourselves, friends, family and lovers. This will be an interactive journey taking us deep into the depths of communication, reflection, vulnerability and realness necessary to come together and create commUnity. We are talking about the creation of community that lives together, grows food together and builds homes together. We are talking about the creation of educational ecovillages that provide regenerative solutions to the social and environmental challenges we are facing on the planet today.

    We will connect, we will move, we will groove, we will breath and we will build! We will embody the experience of creating healthy, loving, regenerative, collaborative, supportive and thriving community.

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