Johanna Beekman, Joss Jaffe and Priya Deepika

Johanna Beekman is an internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter, chant/kirtan artist, yoga teacher, vocal teacher, recording artist, and event producer. As a musician, Johanna is loved for her rich, soulful voice, her radiant spirit, and her inspiring songs and chants that tap deeply into our collective soul, inspiring vocal empowerment and freedom.

Joss Jaffe: Joss Jaffe is a Billboard Top-10 artist known for his ambient album Meditation Music and his genre-bending albums Dub Mantra, merging sacred chant with reggae and world music. Using spoken rhythmic words (Bols), rhythmic building blocks (Jatis), hand clapping and body percussion along with stories, demonstrations and movement exercises, Joss guides beginning students through a variety of techniques that allows them to experience the beauty of rhythm.

Priya Deepika is vocal sound healer, producer and teacher creating sonic pathways for healing, transformation and empowerment through music. Priya is deeply rooted in the music and dance traditions of her South Indian lineage, creating access to your Voice as a yoga and  meditation practice.  Priya also curates Sound as Medicine experiences for emotional awareness, trauma-release and creative inspiration.


Scheduled Workshops

  • Free Your Soul’s Voice: Yoga and Playshop

    90 min | The Summit

    This workshop is an upbeat, playful exploration of the human voice, designed for everyone. Learn from Yoga’s musical traditions in meditative mantras, ecstatic Kirtan and Rhythm and Raga in Indian Classical Music. As your Voice invokes the Divine, song and tone activates the intention and frequency you carry. Through sound, movement, speech, and song, Johanna Beekman and Priya Deepika guide you to unleash the freedom in singing and speaking and how to tune and care for your human instrument. Joss Jaffe brings a fun, accessible approach to the Voice as a rhythmic and a percussive instrument. Inspired by the safe, playful energy of the space, we create and explore light-hearted chants and harmonies, layering together our perfectly unique voices. Most of all, we Sing  just for the joy and freedom of it with the health and nervous system benefits along the way! No previous singing or chanting experience is necessary.