Joelle Nanawa

Joelle Nanawa is a passionate martial artist, holistic nutritionist, and founder of The Warrior Healing Arts – a system dedicated to preserving harmony and embodying the Warrior Spirit. She has been training in different martial arts styles for ten years with a sharp focus on Shaolin Kung Fu and T’ai Chi for the last four. Joelle is also a certified nutritional therapy practitioner and combines her knowledge of functional nutrition with mindful movement to bring forth balance of the body and mind. She has been the senior student instructor at the Shaolin Martial Arts Center for two years where she has focused on learning and teaching practical self defense techniques, energy cultivation, conditioning, and women’s empowerment strategies.

Workshops & Presentations

  • T'ai Chi Fan of the White Tigress

    60 min | Teen Wonderland

    The T'ai Chi fan has been an elegant and classical weapon of martial arts for hundreds of years. Originating in ancient China, the fan was a symbol of status and nobility, but in the hands of a skilled practitioner it was also a useful weapon. Join Joelle Nanawa, a practitioner of T'ai Chi and Kung fu of four years to learn the basics of the T'ai Chi Fan. You will walk away with some practical uses of the fan as a weapon as well as some of the graceful movements of the "36 postures of the Iron Fan." All ages and skill levels welcomed, fans are provided, limit 15 per class.


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