Joe Gray

Joe is a professional dance performer, choreographer and teacher with over two decades of experience. His unique style of movement includes influences from hip hop, contact improvisation, blues, swing,  and breaking. Joe is masterful at fusing these styles together in a dynamic and exciting way. His specialty is integrating partner dance with hip hop and breakdance technology.

He is excited to  collaborate with like minded artists and to help the community embrace the power of partner dancing and performing arts. Joe believes that dance is in our DNA. At the core of our being, everyone is a dancer.

His choreography and performance has been featured at events for Sony, Pixar, Kaiser Permanente, Oracle, Salesforce, San Francisco Hip Hop Dance Fest, and more. He has also performed alongside the Jabbawockeez in the international touring shows Monster Shop Bump’n and Breakshop including performances in South Korea and China. Joe has been a master class instructor at several universities including Stanford University, University of San Francisco, and Sonoma State University.

“I am not teaching you anything. I just help you to explore yourself.” -Bruce Lee

Workshops & Presentations

  • Hip Hop Fusion

    90 min | Movement Lab

    Immerse yourself in a fusion of dance styles including hip hop, contact improv, and swing partner dancing. Experience how these styles integrate into a unique and dynamic aesthetic. How do I invite my partner to do a hip hop fusion dance? Where is it best to incorporate hip hop style? Discover the answers to these questions and more! This workshop will expand your skill sets, add technique to your repertoire, and evolve your movement style. Be ready to get down, get funky, and move your body in exciting new ways! Learn how to initiate and respond to hip hop styling on the dance floor. Find opportunities to break from a partnership and perform solo dancing then smoothly integrate back into the partnership.
    Embody the beats of the music and be creatively inspired in this hip hop fusion dance workshop.

  • Urban Contact Fusion

    90 min | Movement Lab

    Urban contact fusion dance is a concept that incorporates several styles of movement into a unique and dynamic aesthetic. Ground in connection with self, each other, the earth, the music, and your creative spirit. Dive into techniques including partnered connection, contact imrov, weight sharing, on & off axis balancing, and more! Learn how to tear up the dance floor with a partner in a safe and playful container. This workshop is an opportunity to find new creative pathways and connect with others to inspire flow states and exciting dances.


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