Deanna Jaya Nakosteen has spent a lifetime doing what she loves. After a long and rewarding career as a teacher, including establishing her own school for seven of those years, Jaya now enjoys writing and running the food program for the intentional community near Ojai in which she lives. Jaya is a true lover of life and all its possibility, and enjoys spending time with children, in nature, and getting hugs in the kitchen. In November her book, Creating Community Wherever You Are, was launched on Amazon through Lifestyle Entrepreneur Press. The book is a window into her experience of living in community for the past 33 years, inspires the possibilities of ways to step out of the box of isolated living, and offers realistic steps to creating community wherever we are.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Creating Community Wherever You Are

    60 min | Altar of Earth

    Jaya will share her experience of living in an intentional community for 33 years. This is a unique lifestyle that has brought richness to her life. What are the possibilities of bringing some of this lifestyle into your own life? Find out how to create community around you for support. Participate in small groups to explore your life and how you can create community wherever you are. Take away steps that you can use in your personal life which will also benefit your friends and neighbors.

  • Visionary Panel: Rites of Passage and Inter-Generational

    60 min |

    What role does the rites of passage play in our evolution from cradle to grave? How has the meaning of the “rites of passage” shifted in modern times, and how can we honor the rites of passage in a culture that doesn’t have conscious ritual around the ongoing changes of a person from youth to adulthood and beyond? How do we bridge between youngers and elders to create a strong inter-generational connection rooted in our understandings of individual and collective growth?

  • Children Living in Community

    60 min | Imaginarium

    Children are at the center of Jaya's career. Nineteen years were spent in classrooms primarily with first graders. For seven years of the 33 years of living in an intentional community she developed a model for a school for a group of children ages 4 to 13. She observed how community is an enriching experience for children. How can we provide learning experiences and support for children to develop their potential? They will be the ones to form the culture of the future.


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