Jaraneh Nova

Jaraneh Nova is a highly accomplished musician, songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist. Based in Tucson, Arizona, she has gained widespread recognition for her unique blend of traditional Native American music and modern electronic beats. Her music has been described as transcendent and uplifting, and carries a powerful message of hope and earth connection. She has been called the “The Voice from the Ancestral Well” because of her ability to create ceremony; connecting with her ancestral roots and bringing deep spiritual connection during her musical performances. Jaraneh’s talent as a vocalist has been showcased on the hit TV show “Outlander,” where her Native American vocal style has become legendary. Her music features live loops, electronic beats, and other elements that create a fresh and exciting sound. Jaraneh Nova is a true visionary in the world of music, whose passion and creativity inspire audiences of all ages.


Scheduled Workshops

  • Praying inside Ceremonial Songs.

    60 min | Ceremonial Fire & Drum Circle

    Go deep with Jaraneh into a spiritual journey initiated through singing Authentic Prayer songs. Learn Native American Songs and their meanings, as you deepen your understanding of Native culture and the wisdom teachings that compliment each song.