Infinity Freedom

Infinity Freedom is devoted to unifying humanity through Love and for many years has been following her intuition, guiding her on her path on the globe from Europe, to Hawaii to California, weaving together the pieces to bring into form her deepest dreams which is to embody love, be an example and create a foundation for the village to rest, gather, rise in love from within, and find liberation, freedom, sovereignty, Wholeness, and union with creation. Her path aligned radically in her meeting of the oracle Unity Grace, and through her transmissions and teachings, created a path even more aligned with infinitys – “yes-tiny” the codes of oneness, unity, and love are the shortcut for humanity to fully innerstand and free the conciousness from the illusion of seperation. Infinity is a vessel for the divine to flow through and surrendered her path to be of service to the whole, something much greater then the service to the self and here for the awakening of all of life. PureEnergy.Love is something she is highly in support of and she also offeres private sessions at

Since 2008 she has been offering sessions, began her journey of offering ecstatic dance in Sweden, Europe and in Kauai, Hawaii. She is a life coach, offering private sessions, dance facilitator, workshop leader, clothing designer and co-lead build for PureEnergy.Love Realm at Lucidity festival.

Workshops & Presentations

  • PureEnergy.Love Meditation

    120 min | PureEnergy.Love (Altar of Water)

    Heart sharing circle
    Embodiment practice
    Gentle Movement Meditation
    WholeBrain state

    This workshops intention is to bring the community into meditation and alignement with the codes of unity, love, Wholeness and soveriegnty and depending on the group dynamic we will drop into heart share, movement, rest, sound/ music meditation along with guided transmission to align our vessel to open to Wholeness and be to the beloved within our own soveriegn vessel. We may have a guest co-facilitator that is part of Pureenergy.Love to share transmission and practices to help support this process of inner alchemy.

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