Hemalayaa empowers thousands of people internationally with her unique blend of traditional and modern lifestyle programs, workshops and videos. She stars in numerous DVDs. She also hosts her own TV show, “BollyBlast”, bringing fitness to a whole new level of fun. Hemalayaa provides tools to experience a balanced state of being, true self-acceptance and a passion for life. Hemalayaa’s specialty is supporting women in their FULL potential to Embody their delicious dream life!

Workshops & Presentations

  • Transformational Movement with Hemalayaa + DTO: Yoga ~ Indian Dancing ~ Live Music

    90 min | Movement Lab

    Experience yoga, dance and live music together for vibrational upleveling, optimal health and spiritual connection with yogi musician and music producer DTO of Buddha Music Group and internationally-renowned yoga teacher, dancer entertainer and soul-inspirer Hemalayaa!

  • Shakti Women; Success, Power, Pleasure

    90 min | Movement Lab

    Join Hemalayaa in a full activation for you to step into (or greatly enhance) your big purpose/mission here. Through Yoga, Dance and Spiritual Transformational Exercises, we awaken and get to live in our greatest truth.

    Many of us feel called to rise now— to rise into our greatest potential and to lead others to do the same. You might be the VP of a company, the CEO of an organization, even a teacher/healer with a following ~ but what does it take to be not only a powerful leader, but a good one. How do we take responsibility for impact and what does it mean to influence and to lead responsibly?

    This workshop will lead you to...

    Be a Catalyst for Yourself
    Everyone must overcome obstacles to get to where they want, but women have been conditioned to be their greatest obstacle. We will discuss the need to focus on leading ourselves. Who we are, what we want, why we want it, are essential discovery points in building ourselves up against barriers that rise on our way to becoming leaders.

    2. Pleasure as a Pathway
    We have a complicated relationship with pleasure. We are conditioned to feel guilt, shame, and resistance. As women, we are wired with a great capacity to experience pleasure. It’s one of the ways in which we can rebalance our energy. When we step away from our contained, controlled lives, and soften into the expansive formlessness of pleasure, we create a space for the Feminine to rise.

    3. Rock your Life
    We all have a desire to feel more connected to our inner spirit, but there is often static on the line. What are the ways to create amazing projects professionally and personally, without spinning our wheels? How do we leverage our practiced connection to ourselves and source to launch our dreams and manifest our future?

    4. Be in a True Supportive Sisterhood
    Success of a sister doesn’t diminish us. How do we stop competing with each other and really embrace a mindset of abundance? There is enough for each of us. And each of us is enough.
    When one succeeds it actually lifts us and inspires us all to be in our greatest - in this new/old paradigm.

    Join us in this journey to bring you in touch with your greatest self - the one who CAN, WILL and Wants to!