Harlan Jack Miller

With an Associates degree in Spanish, Humanities, and Fine Arts and graduate of Accomplishment Coaching program, Harlan Jack is an outdoorsman and musician that is fascinated by the Tree of Life and the culture that connects us all together. He has traveled to many cultural hubs where he has collected a lot of information and understanding about the ancestral roots of this planet. When diving into his own traditional roots he has found ancient tools of wisdom that have been used since the beginning of time. Tools that help us all connect with the seasons, archetypes, forces of nature and ourselves as we journey through these vessels we have been gifted. Harlan comes from Celtic and Nordic ancestry and enjoys highlighting the similarities with other ancient cultures to show how we are all connected at the root and different for beautiful reasons.

Scheduled Workshops

  • The Celtic Wheel of Wisdom

    45 min | Fairies’ Hollow

    In this workshop we will travel through the 8 directional points of the Celtic Wheel of the year and learn how it corresponds directly with our own personal life. The ancient Celtic people recognized and ritualized 8 transitions of the year by attuning to the Sun and the Stars for thousands of years. They laid out a map of the year so that we may weave our life intricately with the forces of nature and the subtle energies of the cosmos. As we learn the wisdom of the 8 directions we will also learn how to apply this wisdom into our personal everyday life.

  • Sound Immersive Experience

    45 min | Imaginarium

    Sound surrounds our lives in so many ways. We use sound to remind us, to give us drive, to dance and play, to focus and much more. In this immersive experience we use the power of sound to turn off the chatter of the mind and dive into the subtle body where the subconscious can be accessed to create somatic balance. Valeria and Harlan have various instruments and songs that will guide us into this somatic space of balance as it is a great honor and great joy for them to share sound and song that has greatly impacted their own lives.