Gwendolyn Alley

With degrees in English, Education, Environmental Studies, and Ecopsychology, Gwendolyn Alley works as a college writing teacher, freelance journalist, and wine writer. Her accomplishments include completing the Pacific Crest Trail, summiting Kilimanjaro, hooting for spotted owls, parenting peregrine falcons, pruning pinot noir, competing for the US Wine Team in France, participating in Burning Man 21 times, leading workshops at Lucidity, and teaching yoga, mountaineering, and creativity.

Gwendolyn studied writing with Natalie Goldberg and others, she learned about making mouthwash and using ozone from Dr. Barbara Doreo, and she took dream tending with Dr Steven Aizenstadt while earning her Masters in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in community, liberation, indigenous, and ego-psychology. In 2022, she won the Jancis Robinson wine writing contest on regenerative viticulture.

Gwendolyn served as a Literary Artist Fellow for the City of Ventura twice; her publications include three dozen broadsides in ArtLife Limited Editions and middle of the night poems (en theos press). Her commissions include a spoken word works about the Thomas Fire and Montecito Mud performed at Santa Barbara’s Lobrero Theater and a recording for an installation in Pasadena about water and power.

Gwendolyn’s offerings at Lucidity in 2023 included a panel moderated by Jonah Haas on lucid dreaming, and presenting workshops on writing and making your own mouthwash. Participating in Lucidity’s vision has been important to Gwendolyn and her family since it began.

Scheduled Workshops

  • Make Your Own Mouthwash

    30 min | Fairies’ Hollow

    Everyone wants a fresh mouth at a festival, and it’s easy to make your own mouthwash! In this workshop, you’ll participate in making mouthwash, discover the benefits, experience how great it is, learn how to personalize it, and take the recipe home. Family friendly workshop.

  • “The Dream's Path to Writing from Soul: A Dream Tending and Writing Workshop,”

    90 min | Fairies’ Hollow

    “Writing is a path to meet ourselves,” teaches Natalie Goldberg. In “The Dream’s Path to Writing from Soul: A Dream Tending and Writing Workshop,” award winning wine writer, performance poet, ecopsychologist, and college professor Gwendolyn Alley will guide you in developing a writing and dream tending practice yielding transformative soul making results that take you on a journey where you just might meet yourself! Produce powerful and insightful prose and poetry along your path to soul using techniques Gwendolyn developed from classes with writer Natalie Goldberg, depth psychologist Steven Aisenstadt, and others. Discover how to synthesize dreams and memories into poetry and prose with tools to record and invoke evocative images. Learn how to use writing practice, dream tending, and various experiments for creating prose and poetry in this interactive writing workshop. Bring a fast pen, and your journal if you have one. No previous experience necessary.

  • Aurora's Glow: A Passport to Adventure

    30 min | Imaginarium

    Go on a Scavenger Hunt with friends, family, or solo and discover Aurora’s Light by participating in various challenges and recording them with images and words to share your journey.