Good Vibe Guru

Cassandra Pitzer, “Good Vibe Guru” has been a flow artist for the last 4 years. She originally practiced poi with her friends before attending her first festival where she was introduced to the community of flow arts. Over the last 4 years, Cassandra has been both a student and a teacher learning and specializing in props like poi, hula hoops and silk veil dancing fans. Through these props, she was able to find a positive outlet in which to express her emotions, both high and low frequency. She discovered how to channel her emotions through movement and intends to share this knowledge and power with students and teachers from all corners of the world. Her upbeat, fun, laughter filled workshops will be sure to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed with inspiration.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Silk Veil Fans 101

    60 min | Imaginarium

    In this course, we will discuss the basics on how to use our fans including long term care, how to tell the left fan from the right fan and how to travel with your fans. After we are familiar with how to properly grip and use your fans, we will work on learning some basic silk fan techniques like flutters and pulses. We will also discuss the importance of symmetry when dancing with silk fans. We will learn some combinations to bring your fan flow to the next level including learning how to frame the face, the difference in experimenting in the speeds you flow with your fans, spins and more. Fans will be available at the beginning of class to anyone who needs a set to use.

  • Baby Got Body Rolls Hula Hoop Workshop

    60 min | Imaginarium

    In this hoop workshop, we will discuss body roll. This is an excellent course designed to teach you how to body roll or refresh some of your skills and learn some new combinations to incorporate into your practice. At the beginning of class, we will cover basic front and back body rolls. Once we have studied the foundation of the move will can work on adding different variations and combining variations into your flow. This course is perfect for beginners and intermediate levels.

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