Gentle Thunder

Gentle Thunder is a highly regarded Medicine Woman, Light Worker, and Humanitarian.  Her primary ancestral lineage is Dinè “Navajo”.

Having been called to serve in many areas around the world, including South America, the World Peace movement in South Korea, the Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City and to construct medicine wheels, and Crystal Earth Grids as part of the planetary grid. Gentle Thunder serves to assist Humanity with their healing process by way of her Spiritual gifts.

Gentle Thunder is also well known for her Sound Journey’s, where her Native American drumming and powerful sound frequency toning takes attendees on a profound journey.

Over the last four years she has been dedicated to Maui Hawaii to help clear the Leylines, working with the Ai’na and Sacred waters.  Also assisting humanity in shifting into higher consciousness and connecting with their true authentic self, and remembering their soul purpose.

Scheduled Workshops

  • Sound Healing

    60 min | Imaginarium

    Gentle Thunder will take attendees on a profound journey into the past, the present and into the future where one can experience ancestral healing, a discovery of self love and much more.