Fabienne Annick

Fabienne is a Sex, Love, & Relationship coach & educator based in NorCal and helps people develop self mastery & intimacy through the window of sexuality.

She specializes in men’s sexuality and runs a popular Sexual Self Mastery program for men, but has a side passion of helping women maintain a healthy sense of sovereignty while in relationship.

She eats cabbage and sausage for breakfast every day, has alarmingly long orgasms, and regularly loses her voice from singing loudly in the car. She doesn’t really care if you practice semen retention or not, as long as it’s on purpose.

Scheduled Workshops

  • Speed Relating

    90 min | Movement Lab

    Not your average speed dating. This experience is for those looking to connect with people on a real level. Through intimacy and connection exercises and thoughtful (and some outlandish) questions, you’ll skip the small talk and get right to the core of the person who sits in front of you.

    This workshop is open to those seeking any type of connection- romantic, platonic, work, or just plain human.