Embodied Erotic

Caity Flanagan

Caity is a modern-day medicine woman, Tantric and shamanic practicioner dedicated to supporting other on the journey of radical embodiment, sensual awakening, and coming home to the Heart. She is the co-founder of Embodied Erotic and is the founder of Seprent and Rose. Caity has spent the last 4+ years teaching about core shamanic practices, earth based ritual, the sacredness of plants as medicine, embodiment as a gateway to trauma healing and sensual awakening, and the Heart as the path.

Matt Sturm

Matt is a guide for transformational experiences and the co-founder of Embodied Erotic. His passion is to craft experiences and hold spaces that allow for the big love inside of each of us to emerge. He’s trained in the Hakomi method of psychotherapy – a body-based therapy centered around mindfulness. Matt is a Hatha yoga teacher, Certified Tantra Educator and his work is heavily inspired by his meditation and yoga practices. Matt’s been leading workshops and ceremonies around sacred sexuality since 2014.

Embodied Erotic

Together, Matt and Caity lead Embodied Erotic, a community for sacred sexuality and personal growth. This is a space to co-create a new paradigm of sex and relationships that’s trauma-informed, deeply consensual, queer, sacred and which celebrates our bodies and sexuality.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Sexuality of the Chakras

    105 min | Altar of Fire

    Erotic desire comes in many forms. Consider what it’s like when your desire is expressed in it’s most primal animal form, or when it’s deliciously lavished upon your lover like honey, or when it shines tenderly from the heart space.

    In this experiential workshop, you’ll learn about the 4 flavors of desire and how they relate to the chakras in our bodies. Through this framework, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how erotic energy manifests and moves though us. You’ll be immersed in the direct experience of feeling these energies in a safe, supportive environment, and invited to practice sharing these flavors of desire with the group. And you’ll learn how to harness this energy to embody your true radiant sexual essence.

    A fully clothed, queer-friendly, sober workshop. No prior experience necessary. Singles and couples welcome.

  • Embodied Consent Dojo

    105 min | Altar of Fire

    Join us to take the consent conversation to the next level! We’re creating a new paradigm where consent goes beyond just finding verbal agreement with another and includes dropping deeply into our bodies, energy and emotions to find true alignment on all levels of our being. Consent culture is among the most important conversations happening today, and within the foundation of of consent, safety and attunement, we’re learning how to express our desires, receive another’s desires, and share connection.

    In this experiential workshop you will:
    * Learn the language and tools to create a consensual interaction
    * Feel “Yes”, “No”, and “Maybe” in your body and learn how to listen to these messages
    * Explore how to create and communicate strong, clear boundaries
    * Practice communicating a desire, receiving a desire, saying No and receiving a No
    * Hone your attunement to the body’s cues around consent through nervous system co-regulation and entrainment