Em & Sati

Em and Sati are longtime movement partners and enthusiasts who have rolled around and balanced on many floors and bodies with curiosity, playfulness, and joy.

Emily Reuman @emplays believes in the power of flow state to experience the present moment, deepen our sense of connection, and ultimately enrich our lives. Based on the westside in LA, she has taught movement and acroyoga classes, workshops, and intensives internationally for nearly a decade. Pulling from training in a wide variety of movement modalities, including dance (partner, contemporary, ballet, hip hop, breakdance), Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga, and floor flow movement, Emily brings insight to partner lifts and acro as both a base and flyer. Her passion for partner flow movement centers around cultivating a deep practice in nonverbal communication and the flow state. You can learn more at emplays.wordpress.com.

Sati is a health and wellness advocate, yoga instructor, bodyworker, and sensitive being. She started her physical yoga practice in New York City in 2007 and started teaching in 2012. Her desire to understand the substance beyond the postures led her on a journey to rediscover her own humanity. Along the way, she has been a student and teacher across multiple modalities of yoga, movement and dance, bodywork, conscious relating, and earth and heart centered being.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Movement Connection & Flow Improv

    105 min | Water Flow (Movement Lab)

    Explore movement in an inclusive, welcoming container as we learn how to engage with others in physical play and find a flow space with another. With the minimal use of structure and guidelines, we will introduce the roles of leader and follower as a foundation for creating the magical conditions from which creativity and dance improvisation arise. Create and connect through movement flow!