EcoVillage Meet & Greet Mixer

Local Earth is a nonprofit organization that provides educational resources and experiences that empower people to live healthy, joyful and ecologically mindful lives.  We contribute our collective energy and intentions to benefit the health and wellbeing of our planet as a whole.We are bringing together a global community of innovators, solutionaries, designers, scientists, builders, farmers, craftsmen, engineers, makers, doers and adventurers that are working together to research, inspire and develop innovative global solutions. We are providing an interactive educational platform for visionaries from all industries and sectors of society to collaborate on and develop regenerative solutions.

The Heartland Collective is a lifestyle rich collaborative. Heartland exists where the wilderness of off grid life meets an artistic collective extravagance that sings possibility to the fringe dwellers of the Regenerative Eco Village movement. Heartland offers people a break from the craziness of what so many call “life” and a view of what can be co created with each other for each other. As in permaculture, the Heartland model is about doing more with less, it’s about allowing our individual and diverse natural Flow states to merge forging new pathways of co-creation that are the true answer to our collective purpose. We are an off-grid, solar-powered, 25 acre lakeside venue and permaculture inspired business incubator. We hold creativity, innovation, connection, and shared leadership as core building blocks of our vision. Our private membership based organization offers various  levels of engagement. Heartland Collective is a prototype for a larger collective of regenerative communities where members can use a commonly held currency that interchanges between each location offering unique flexibility.

Workshops & Presentations

  • EcoVillage Meet & Greet Mixer

    75 min | Lucid University Learning Piazza

    The EcoVillage Meet & Greet Mixer is an open space meet up for people who are interested in or actively stewarding community land projects to meet, connect, network and share! Join us in the Lucid University Piazza center and connect with community-minded folks, learn about land based projects and tell others about your awesome place. Co-Hosted by Local Earth and Heartland Ranch Collective.

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