Domanique Luna Blackwolf & Ka Luna Ki Ato

Domanique Luna Blackwolf is a Water Protector, Native American flutist, channel of divine shakti embodiment and a crystal healing enthusiast. She offers crystal healing workshops, leads ceremonies and guided meditations for others to connect with the spirit realm. As a descendant of the Klamath Tribes of Crater Lake, Oregon, she is an advocate for the sacred honoring of the water spirits, and is here to help bring humanity back into balance with the waters of our bodies and in turn, our planet. She began practicing shamanism and playing the Native American Flute in 2011, and intuitively channels music from the spirit realm as she plays

Ka Luna is a self expression and sound healing facilitator. She has been facilitating group ceremonies since 2016 and has a deep passion for exploring ways to cultivate group intimacy through vulnerability, acknowledgement and connection. Ka Luna is here to offer a permission slip and perspective of radical self acceptance and expression. Through her muse, sound, she explores vocal toning as a way to access divine states of expression and healing inviting others along for the experience.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Unlock Your Intimacy - A Journey of Self Discovery

    105 min | Altar of Fire

    For far too long you have closed yourself up, afraid of the intimacy you so deeply desire... Are you ready to break down those walls of fear? Are you holding onto the fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, fear of being alone, or the fear of being fully SEEN?

    This night will be an opportunity to see where your walls have been up and where your edge is. This is your opportunity to drop into yourself, with a little help from breathing exercises, plant allies, and sound healing.

    Domanique Blackwolf and Ka Luna Ki Ato bring you a night of inner and outer exploration of your Holy Temple.

    You will experience:

    - Breathing & Movement Exercises
    - Plant Meditation - Blue Lotus & Rosebuds
    - Eye Gazing
    - Sacred Sound Bath Integration

    Men and Women both welcome. Please Bring a Journal and Cushion/Pillow to sit on and a Yoga Mat/Blanket to Lay down on for the Sound Bath Integration.

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