Docta Nick

Dr. Nick, Pharm, D. is a holistic pharmacist and the founder & owner of Essential Oil Wizardry.  EOW is the platform for Dr. Nick & EOW Team to create more balance, ease, and grace on the planet: spreading integrity, heart-centered passion & worldwide health.


Scheduled Workshops

  • Essential Oil Wizardry Playshop

    90 min | Movement Lab

    Join us for an Essential Oil Wizardry Playshop. It will be a full sensory experience where we will drop in deep and connect with the plants and ourselves. Experience about twenty high vibe Wizard Alchemy blends, pure CO2 extracts, floral absolutes, and steam distilled oils as well as exquisite botanical perfumes in a 190 proof organic honey moonshine, CO2 Kava Kava, Ultrasonic tinctures, EO tinctures, and CBD tinctures. Not only will we get to experience the oils together, but you will leave knowing more than you ever thought you could about essential oils. We will connect deeply with the plants through listening, meditation, and might even get up and for a little dance party. This will be FUN, EDUCATIONAL, EXPANSIVE, and truly unique.

  • Essential Oil Wizardry Playshop for Kids

    75 min | Imaginarium

    Together we will explore the magical world of plants through the lens of essential oils. We will learn about the awe and wonders of our amazing planet and the botanical allies that we have the gift to nurture and work with. This will be a full-sensory experience where we get to put on and smells essential oils first hand (everything that will be shared is kid-safe and with kiddos in mind).