Diamond has been a character in the Lucidity storyline since 2017. She represents a rare part of the earth that you don’t see until you’re ready. Her presence in years past has been small but fierce, but this year she is back for a special mission calling dreamers into action. In a time when this planet needs us now more than ever before, it’s time we find a way to help our dreams come to life and cause a change on this planet before its to late. This is a dream catcher workshop with a life coaching attitude. You will learn about Native American culture and you will be reawakened to the reality that lies within you through the gifts found in the woods. Feathers molted by birds leaving us a message, acorns reminding us to keep growing new roots. What is it that you want in this lifetime? Diamond wants you to think about this question and weave your answer into the dream catcher you make in the time we share together in this next level dream weaving dream catcher workshop.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Healing through plants - Healing the planet

    90 min | Plant Medicine Way

    This workshop is designed around self care. It is the key aspect of moving mountains in this lifetime. So many people suffer from.pain or emotional hurt that could be rebuild into happiness and healing. Plants have vibrations like all humans and all living beings. How can we use plant vibrations to heal our hearts? How can we use plants to heal our wounds? And how can we heal this planet through the plants we love? It revolves around self care and that is what this workshop is about. From the herbal flower foot-soak each person receives to the elixir beverages that will be served. This workshop is made to rebuild people through love, and plants, and has a design that can easily be applied to help the world.