Devajeet Singh

Born and raised in Santa Ana California, of Mexican descent, Andre grew up using plant-based medicines. In his 20’s, one of his passions was graffiti art – and in 2002 he had a near death experience after falling 3 stories off a building while painting. After learning how to walk again, he realized that the Western approach to his pain management and use of pharmaceuticals were ineffective in his recovery. In 2012 Andre began practicing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and at the same time Andre was also baptized by the Native American Church. He was given the name Devajeet Singh which means; “One who overcomes obstacles by experiencing their divine consciousness.” Since then Andre has become an instructor of Kundalini Yoga and opened his own Healing and Wellness Studio in the very town that he was born. In 2017, Andre married Marisol Silva and were told that they would not be able to conceive a child, so they sought out the Kambo medicine. After working with Kambo for a year, Marisol became pregnant and gave birth to a very happy and healthy baby girl. Andre’s gratefulness to Kambo has encouraged him to become a practitioner at his healing center in Santa Ana – and he has become an integral part of the Kambo Healing Me family. He looks forward to bringing the healing medicine of the sacred frog to people who are ready to awaken their lives by opening up, letting go, and go the distance.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Cosmic Mantra Meditation

    60 min | Altar of Spirit

    Using the power of sound and chanting ancient mantras to bring the mind, body, & soul back into harmony and alignment with the Cosmic Consciousness. We will be using ancient sacred Mantras taught in Kundalini Yoga & Meditation to help expand the collective consciousness and bring Global unity!


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